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Sri Lanka Easter Sunday Attacks: 2 Years On

🌍 What’s in a codeword? How military operations are named

An image taken from Operation NEWCOMBE, the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Mali.

In Pictures: RAF supports Brits’ return from Cuba

What is SkyGuardian and Protector?

Image of SkyGuardian flying through cloud

Sharjah Cooperative Society

Sharjah Cooperative Society

Shrinking Space in the Name of Countering Terrorism: Why the United Nations Must Deliver on Civil…

Italy’s deficit: a new recipe for the same old story

With my eyes fixed on the Buffer Zone, I see the scars of conflict every day

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Asian News

Asian News

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The Art of John T. Ruddy Jr. Jersey City Fire Department, Battalion Chief and Artist

FarmBit Pool: Introducing a Cheaper and Equal Access to DeFi for Businesses from Emerging Markets

Virtual Human Meets TikTok — DOOROPEN, Collaboration with MCN KiweLab [EN/KR]

It is dehumanizing to be stereotyped as a Grand Kanji Masterlord.