New York: People infected with COVID Alpha variant exhaled 100 times more virus into the air than people infected with the original strains of the virus, finds a study.

The University of Maryland researchers suggested the need for better ventilation and tight-fitting masks, in addition to widespread vaccination to help stop the spread of the virus.

The findings showed that the amount of virus in the air coming from Alpha variant infections was much more — 18-times more — than could be explained by the increased amounts of virus in nasal swabs and saliva.

These major increases in airborne virus…

Weight-loss medications and surgical procedures show promise for reducing the long-term effects of high blood pressure (also called hypertension) in people who are overweight or have obesity. This finding was suggested by a new American Heart Association scientific statement published today in the Association’s journal Hypertension.

A scientific statement is an expert analysis of current research and may inform future guidelines. “Weight loss achieved through dietary changes and increased physical activity are the cornerstones of treatment for high blood pressure that’s related to being overweight. However, these lifestyle behaviours are often not sustained over the long term. Subsequently, reductions in…

New York: People infected with the original strain of the SARS-CoV2 virus that caused Covid-19 early during the pandemic outbreak produced a consistent antibody response, making two main groups of antibodies to bind to the spike protein on the virus’s outer surface.

However, those antibodies don’t bind well to newer variants, finds a new study, published in the journal Nature Communications.

According to researcher Nicholas Wu from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, characterising what kinds of antibodies the body is most likely to make to fight a natural infection is an important roadmap for vaccine design.

For the study…

Sydney: Long Covid symptoms rarely persist beyond 12 weeks in children and adolescents unlike adults, suggests a review.

The review, published in the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, analysed 14 international studies involving 19,426 children and adolescents who reported persistent symptoms following Covid-19.

The findings showed that long covid among children is less common than feared.

The most common symptoms reported four to 12 weeks after acute infection were headache, fatigue, sleep disturbance, concentration difficultiesAand abdominal pain.

“It is reassuring that there was little evidence that symptoms persisted longer than 12 weeks suggesting long Covid might be less of a concern…

New York: Saliva test to detect Covid-19 performs better than the nasal and oral swab tests authorised by the US Food and Drug administration (FDA), according to a study.

The study by Rockefeller University conducted a direct head-to-head comparison of 162 individuals who received both the “DRUL” saliva test and a conventional swab test. DRUL caught all of the cases that the swabs identified as positive — plus four positive cases that the swabs missed entirely.

“This research confirms that the test we developed is sensitive and safe,” said Robert B. …

New Delhi: It has been more than a year and a half since COVID-19 infection was first reported in the country and since then people have been complaining about different types of post-COVID diseases or problems. In the latest complication, doctors at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital have seen five patients who developed gallbladder gangrene after recovering from COVID-19. These five patients were successfully treated at the hospital between June and August.

Dr Anil Arora, Chairman of the Institute of Liver, Gastroenterology and Pancreaticobiliary Sciences at the hospital, said, “We successfully treated five such patients between June and August. …

A new study has found that fruit and vegetable consumption and exercise can increase levels of happiness. The findings of the study were published in the ‘Journal of Happiness Studies.’

While the link between lifestyle and wellbeing has been previously documented and often used in public health campaigns to encourage healthier diets and exercise, new findings showed that there is also a positive causation from lifestyle to life satisfaction.

This research is the first of its kind to unravel the causation of how happiness, the consumption of fruit and vegetables and exercising are related, rather than generalising a correlation.


Indian spices have so many health benefits, and one of them is keeping the weight of your body in check. One such essential spice is cardamom which can totally change the way your body responds to extra weight gain.

Actually, cardamoms have melatonin which fastens up the metabolic rate and enhances the process of burning fat. All you need to do is to chew four cardamoms with warm water before going to bed every night.

Dietician Dr Ranjana Singh told Zee News Hindi that our weight increases due to irregular food habits and physical inactivity, and to lose fat, we…

New Delhi: Good nutrition is incomplete without components like vitamins and minerals, which are needed in smaller quantities than carbs, protein and fats, but they’re what keep the human body functioning optimally. Think of them as the small nuts and bolts of a machine that have a crucial role to play. For most, these essential nutrients usually come from a daily balanced diet, but in some cases — such as pregnancy or a diagnosed vitamin deficiency — vitamin supplements may be required to reach adequate levels and can help in overall health and wellness.

Experts at Myprotein suggest that supplementing…

It’s been almost a year-and-a-half since several Indians have been working from home, thanks to the COVID-19 induced restrictions. But it seems that now, many are getting fed up of work from home (WFH). According to a survey conducted by Linkedin, which surveyed over 1,000 employees working in different companies in India, 72% Indians believe that it is better to work from office. Saying that it’s negatively affecting their career, 71% of those surveyed feel that working from office help them create a more favourable impression on their bosses and seniors. …

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